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Suspicious Death
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Mitrice Lavon Richardson

Last Seen:September 17, 2099
Discovered:August 10, 2010
Date of Birth:April 30, 1985
Age at the Time:24
Mitrice was a graduate of California State University, Fullerton, having majored in psychology. She was beautiful, working as an entertainer in a popular club and had some experience as a model and in beauty contests. On the day of her disappearance, she had been acting unusually.

Mitrice Richardson walked out of the Lost Hills Sheriff Station at approximately 12:28 a.m. on September 16, 2009, and went missing.

Sadly, on August 9, 2010, human remains were found, which were later confirmed to be Matrice. In the months before she was found and continually afterward, an overwhelming number of contradictions and negligence by the police department came to light. The family eventually won a settlement based on the negligence of the department, but there are still no answers as to what happened to Mitrice. How did she end up deep in a wooded area, and how did she die?


  1. The police arrive at Geoffrey's restaurant

    Mitrice had multiple unusual interactions and was unable or unwilling to pay her bill. Police arrive and eventually take her into custody.

  2. Mitrice's mother calls the station

    Concerned about her daughter's safety, Latice offers to come pick her up if she will be released that evening.

  3. She is released from the station, with only her license and car keys

    No money, no phone, no vehicle, Mitrice is released 12-15 miles from her car.

  4. Latice calls to find out how much bond will be

    To her surprise, Latice is informed that Mitrice was released after 12am, despite having been told she wouldn't be.

  5. Latice calls back to file a missing person's report

    Approximately 15 minutes after her last call, Latice called the Station again to file a missing person’s report and was instructed to wait 24 hours.

  6. Bill Smith calls about a woman in his yard

    A retired reporter calls the Sheriff’s Station to say a slim black woman with afro hair was in his backyard, but she is gone when he returns to the window. A deputy was dispatched but found no sign of the woman.

  7. The first official search

    Lasting about 8 hours, a scent dog was used from Bill Smith’s home, where Mitrice’s scent was followed to a neighbor’s home. Footsteps believed to be Mitrice’s were also followed, but were lost along the road.

  8. The case is transferred

    The case is transferred to the Robbery/Homicide division. They search her vehicle, finding her phone, wallet, and journal with erratic entries.

  9. The second official search

    A large search is started, using dogs, horses, ATVs, helicopters, and over 250 people. A radius of 10 miles from Bill Smith’s home was covered, without finding a clue.

  10. The "non-existent" footage is shared with the family

    The family gets to see the footage from within the Sheriff’s station. To them, Mitrice’s behavior is abnormal. A deputy can be seen exiting the building as the jailer returns from escorting Mitrice out.

  11. Human remains are found by park rangers

    While sweeping a canyon for marijuana plants, they find human a skull with curls of dark hair. The remains are later determined to be Mitrice Richardson. A series of negligent actions by officials occur in handling her remains.

Places of Interest



The restaurant where Mitrice was acting very strangely and where police were called.


Lost Hills Sheriff Station

The station where she was brought to and eventually released from.


Bill Smith’s house

The home where the call came from about a "black woman with afro hair", who many believe to be Mitrice.


General location of Mitrice's remains

These are not the exact coordinates, but the general area based on info given to the coroner and the family.


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