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Jessica Taylor

Last Seen:July 21, 2003
Discovered:July 26, 2003
Date of Birth:June 17, 1983
Age at the Time:20
There is limited information about Jessica’s personal life online, but she had a tattoo that read “Remy’s Angel.” Remy was Khalil White, who disputes where she would have been working when she was last seen. He says it would have been Queens when reports say that she was last seen working in Manhattan.

"Jane Doe No. 6"

Discovered:April 04, 2011
NamUS Case:#UP9680
Little is known about Jane Doe No. 6, beyond forensic exam details and what happened to her after her death. The exam estimates that she was 35-40, no more than 5’5” and 125 pounds, and either white or Hispanic. She was the victim of a torso killer, and she was found in Manorville and on Gilgo Beach.

"John Doe"

Discovered:April 04, 2011
NamUS Case:#UP9355
Otherwise known as “Asian Male,” John Doe is the only known male victim in this group. Little is known about him outside of the circumstances around his death and examination. He was wearing women’s clothes, estimated to be 5’6”, and likely between 17 and 23 years old. It’s estimated he was buried for five to ten years.

"Jane Doe No. 3"

Discovered:June 28, 1997
NamUS Case:#UP11652
Jane Doe No. 3 was also referred to as “Peaches” because of a heart-shaped peach tattoo. She was the victim of a torso killer, and her torso was initially found in a Rubbermaid container. She was also found in a plastic bag near Jones Beach Park. It was later confirmed by DNA that she was the mother of “Baby Doe.”

"Baby Doe"

Discovered:April 04, 2011
NamUS Case:#UP9704
Little is known about Baby Doe, aside from the details around her death. There were no signs of trauma, and it appears that she was laid at the foot of a tree, wrapped in a blanket. There was some initial confusion, as she was found 250 feet from "Jane Doe No. 6", but is the daughter of "Jane Doe No. 3".

"Jane Doe No. 7"

Discovered:April 20, 1996
NamUS Case:#UP9098
Jane Doe No. 7 was technically the first of these victims who were found. People walking Blue Point Beach found her legs, wrapped in plastic. It was almost 15 years later that her skill was found off of Ocean Parkway. She was a white female with unique scarring, but age estimates are from 18 to 50 years old.

Long Island has had many victims in the past few decades and at least two convicted serial killers. A series of victims, found in Manorville and Gilgo Beach are unsolved and may be related.

These victims in Long Island have similarities with each other and with other cases in the area. It is heavily debated in the media, and even by law enforcement if they are the victims of one or multiple killers. With so many questions, answers can only come by finding the killer of at least one of them.

Suffolk County Crime Stoppers has a phone number 1-800-220-TIPS (8477) and an online tip submission.


  1. The legs of "Jane Doe No. 7" are found

    Some people who were walking Blue Point Beach on Fire Island, found the legs wrapped in plastic.

  2. The torso of “Jane Doe No. 3” is found

    She was in a green Rubbermaid container, with a red towel and a floral sham. It’s estimated that she had been dead up to three days.

  3. The torso of “Jane Doe No. 6” is found

    Three hunters walking in the woods found plastic bags with her remains. She was nude and missing her head, hands, and right foot.

  4. The torso of Jessica Taylor is found

    She was found on a pile of scrap wood near Halsey Manor Road, naked and missing her head and hands.

  5. Jessica Taylor’s head and hands were found

    Police searches related to other cases led them to find Jessica.

  6. Police find more remains

    “Jane Doe No. 6”, “Baby Doe”, and “John Doe” were found along Gilgo Beach.

  7. The remains of two more victims are found

    Widened searches led to more remains of "Jane Doe No. 3" and "Jane Doe No. 7"

Places of Interest


"Jane Doe No. 7" is found

This is the general where her legs were found in a garbage bag.


"Jane Doe No. 7"'s other remains are found

Her skull and teeth were discovered and later linked to her first discovery, 15 years in the past.


"Jane Doe No. 3" is found

Her torso was in a green Rubbermaid container and her tattoo of a heart-shaped peach led her to be known as “Peaches”.


"Jane Doe No. 3"s other remains are found

Police find dismembered skeletal remains inside a plastic bag and later confirm that she is the mother of “Baby Doe”


"Jane Doe No. 6" is found

Her torso was found, wrapped in garbage bags. In addition to her head and hands, her right foot was also cut off, assumedly to conceal an identifying mark.


"Jane Doe No. 6"'s other remains are found

Her head, hands, and right foot were found.


Jessica Taylor's torso was found

She was on a plastic sheet, and the killer had removed her head, hands, and attempted to obscure a tattoo.


Jessica Taylor’s other remains are found

A skull, instructions, and forearm were matched to Jessica Taylor, being the first identified combination of remains.


"John Doe" is found

He is the only male found in this group and the only one to die from blunt-force trauma.


"Baby Doe" is found

There was no signs of trauma and the location is oddly close to an unrelated an unidentified victim and not her mother, who was "Jane Doe No. 3."

Persons of Interest

John Bittrolff

John was convicted of two murders in 2017 and he is a suspect in a third. Suffolk authorities have named him as a suspect in the victims found on Gilgo beach.


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