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Jody LeCornu

Last Seen:March 02, 1996
Discovered:March 02, 1996
Age at the Time:23
Jody was a student at Towson University and is described by many as kind and generous. Her twin sister, Jenny, says, “growing up, it was like having your best friend around all the time. “ She had a very distinct fear that was sadly foreboding: she feared that something would happen to her in Baltimore, specifically that she would be shot.

Jody LeCornu had a short interaction with a man in a parking lot well after 3 a.m. He then shot her through the back window of her car.

Witnesses saw her have a brief encounter with a man in a parking lot before he returned to his car. He shot her with a .38 caliber handgun, severing her spine, then followed her across the parking lot and waited for her to die. He is then said to have retrieved something from her car before casually leaving the scene.

If you have any information about Jody's killer or the events of March 2, 1996, please call (410) 200-6284.


  1. Jody joins friends at Mt. Washington Tavern

    Wanting to go out had led to an argument with her boyfriend the night before, and she stayed until closing.

  2. She drives an employee of the tavern home

    He lived in the Roland Park area, which was a little out of her way home, but she wasn’t planning to go straight home.

  3. Parked in a lot off of York Road, Jody calls a few friends

    She had stopped at an ATM and then picked up a six-pack of beer on the way to the lot. Reports say that they were to the tavern manager who couldn’t talk and to the boyfriend of one of her ex-roommates.

  4. A man pulled close to her vehicle and approached her car

    It’s reported that she rolled her window down, but it is unknown if she knew the man. After a brief conversation, he returned to his car.

  5. A shot was fired into Jody's vehicle

    There were people working at the Giant grocery store and making a delivery to Boston Market that heard the shot.

  6. A witness calls 911

    The call has not been publicly released.

  7. The man follows Jody’s car to the lot across the street

    Jody was able to try to escape but didn’t get far. Witnesses say that the man approached her car in an “unhurried fashion,” put the car in park and took her purse and mobile car phone. He then drove east on Walker avenue.

Places of Interest


Mt. Washington Tavern

Jody spent time with friends at the bar, leaving after last call, to drive an employee of the bar home.


Roland Park area

This is the general area where she drove to drop the employee off.


Jody’s Home

On a typical night, this is likely where she would’ve gone. The argument is thought to be a reason that she didn’t.


The parking lot where she was parked

After stopping at an ATM and then picking up a six-pack of beer, she parked in this parking lot and made some phone calls. It’s where witnesses say that she was shot.


The lot that she was able to drive to

Despite the bullet severing her spine, she was able to attempt to get away from the scene. She circled and made it to the parking lot across the street.


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Murdered: Jody LeCornu

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