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Jodi Sue Huisentruit

Height:5' 4"
Weight:115 lbs.
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Brown
Last Seen:June 27, 1995
Date of Birth:June 05, 1968
Age at the Time:27

Jodi Huisentruit was abducted outside of her apartment in 1995 and has been missing ever since. She was ruled legally dead in 2001.

Jodi was a news anchor in Mason City, Iowa, and the last known contact with her was at 4:10 a.m. on June 27, 1995. A colleague called her home, because she was late for work, and spoke briefly with her. After she didn't show up hours later, the team at the station called the police for a welfare check. When they arrived, police quickly realized that they were dealing with "unusual circumstances," as Jodi's belongings were on the ground outside of her car, but she could not be found.


  1. Producer Amy Kuns calls and wakes Jodi up

    Jodi had overslept, quickly asked the time, and said she'd be right in.

  2. Amy calls again, but there is no answer

    The times of this second call have been reported slightly differently, but it seems to be around 5 a.m.

  3. A co-worker calls police for a welfare check

    Upon arriving outside her apartment, Mason City Police officers found signs of a struggle. Jodi's belongings, including dress shoes, a hair dryer, hair spray, and her car keys were on the ground outside of the car. Jodi was nowhere to be found.

  4. The court rules Jodi legally dead

    In honor of her family's request, Judge Steven P. Carroll signed the court order.

Places of Interest


Jodi's Apartment

Her last known location, where she received a phone call. Her belongings, including her car keys, were found outside near her car.


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The Huisentruit File: Ep. 1, The Case

The first in a series of a videos that are focused on Jodi's disappearance, created by investigative journalists Josh Benson and Gary Peterson.


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