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Emma Fillipoff

Height:5' 5"
Weight:110 lbs.
Hair Color:Light Brown
Eye Color:Brown
Last Seen:November 29, 2012
Date of Birth:January 06, 1986
Age at the Time:26

Emma Fillipoff was 26 when she was last seen on November 28th, 2012 in Victoria, British Columbia.

Emma's family and a team of volunteers are actively looking for her. If you have any unreported information, please contact them via Emma was an intelligent and artistic young woman who moved across the country by herself to live in Victoria, British Columbia. Some growing psychological issues and a series of unusual events leading up to her disappearance leave us with only questions. There is no crime scene, as Emma seems to have vanished. Did she willingly disappear? Was she a victim of foul play? The answers are out there somewhere.

Emma's mother and a team of volunteers are trying to find Emma. If you have any undocumented information, please content them via their Facebook page.


  1. Emma is seen, distressed

    Dennis Quay, someone who had met Emma once before, ran into her in front of the Empress Hotel. She seemed out of sorts, so he sat and talked with her for an hour. Still concerned, he phoned the police when he left her to report a distressed woman.

  2. Police interview her on the street

    Police find Emma, barefoot, pacing in the same area as reported. They spent around 45 minutes interviewing her, ensuring that she didn't have suicidal or homicidal thoughts.

  3. Shelley Fillipoff arrives in Victoria

    Emma's mom, Shelley, arrives at the Sandy Merriman House, where she was living. Since Emma had not claimed her bed, they called the police to report her missing.Shelley Fillipoff arrives in Victoria

  4. Emma's prepaid credit card is used

    A $200 prepaid credit card that Emma purchased on the day of her disappearance is used at a Petro Canada station on Sooke Rd. The man who used it believes he found it outside the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre. He was questioned and cleared by the police.

Places of Interest


Where Emma Was Last Seen

Emma was last seen on video across from the Empress Hotel, being interviewed by police.


Sandy Merriman Woman’s Shelter

Emma stayed here on and off and it is where her mother went to find her.



There is footage of Emma lingering in the store and she purchased a debit card and pre-paid cell on the day of her disappearance.


Red Fish Blue Fish

Emma was a chef here during the busy season, but had stopped working October 31st.

Persons of Interest

Julien Huard

Julien had a brief friendship with Emma before she left Perth for Victoria. He later moved to Victoria sometime after Emma did. He was questioned by police, passed a polygraph, and has since participated in the various media attempts to share her story.

"Green Shirt Man"

In May 2014, a man tore down a "missing" poster for Emma, telling people in a store that she was his girlfriend and that she wanted to be left alone. He has yet to be identified.


Finding Emma Fillipoff

26-year-old Emma Fillipoff disappears from the streets of Victoria in 2012 and has never been seen since. Was it murder, suicide -- or did she want to hide? In “Finding Emma” host Mark Kelley follows a mother’s determined journey to look for her daughter – and looks at how hard it is to find many of 60,000 people who are reported missing every year in Canada.


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