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Liberty Rose Lynn German

Last Seen:February 13, 2017
Discovered:February 14, 2017
Age at the Time:14
Liberty, who went by Libby, shared an interest in photography with her friend Abby, which is one of the reasons they wanted to go on a nature walk. Her shares on social media and recordings on her phone are the reason that there is information about the person responsible for their death.

Abigail Joyce Williams

Last Seen:February 13, 2017
Discovered:February 14, 2017
Age at the Time:13
Abby was dropped off with friend, Libby, a little after 1 p.m. near the Monon High Bridge. They planned to walk the trail and hang out, a popular thing to do in the area. Abby and Libby didn't show up when they were supposed to be picked up, resulting in a search led by police.

Abby and Libby went for a hike on February 13, 2017. They didn't show up to be picked up, and their bodies were found the next day.

The two girls were great friends, enjoying a day off from school. Family dropped them off for a local hike and arranged to pick them up later. During their time out, Libby recorded video and photos of a man walking across a bridge and recorded audio of a man instructing them to go "down the hill". There may be more photos and videos, but those are what have been released so far.

If you have any information about this case, please email:


"Bridge Guy"


Libby was able to get photos, video, and audio of the suspect. In 2019, the sketch was updated and released in a press conference. Multiple persons of interest have been compared to the photo online, but the Delphi Police Department have not matched a person to the sketch or photo.


  1. Abby and Libby are dropped off

    A family member dropped them off near Monon High Bridge so that they could walk the trail and spend time together.

  2. LIbby posts photos to Snapchat

    At 2:07 p.m., Libby posted a photo to Snapchat of Abby walking across the bridge.

  3. The girls don't show up to be picked up

    When they were dropped off, they had agreed to meet a particular spot to be picked up. They didn't show up and didn't answer their phones.

  4. The police call off a search, due to darkness

    The search is technically ended for the day, though there are reports that people were searching past 2 a.m.

  5. Abby and Libby's bodies are found

    Information was slow to be released, but there was initially a confirmation that the girls were found and it was "not good."

  6. Local police release a photo of a man

    Indicating that they would like to speak to him as a potential witness, police release a photo of a man (that they had recovered in some way from Libby's phone).

  7. Police upgrade the man in the photo to a suspect

    The police now indicate that the man in the photo is the suspect in the murder of the two girls and they initiate a statewide manhunt the next day.


News Brief from February 15, 2017

A short clip from Channel 13 Eyewitness News, covering the early details after the girls’ bodies were found.

Delphi Homicide Press Conference

Indiana State Police announce a new direction in the Delphi homicide investigation.


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