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Brandon Mason Lawson

Height:5' 9"
Weight:230 lbs.
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Blue
Last Seen:November 22, 2013
Age at the Time:26
NamUS Case:#MP22702

Brandon Lawson's truck broke down outside Bronte, Texas, on August 9, 2013. After midnight, he called 911 asking for the police.

There is about a 40-minute window in Brandon's life that leads to so many questions. In the time between calling his brother Kyle to bring him gas and Kyle arriving, Brandon called 911, asking for "the cops" to "please hurry." In another call to Kyle's girlfriend, Brandon said he was bleeding and that he was 10 minutes up the road. The last known ping from his cell phone was from a tower 3 miles away from the scene, and his family has been looking for him ever since. We're only left with questions: What happened to Brandon that night? Was he in danger from people in the area or was he delusional? Where is he now?

If you have any new information, please call the Texas Department of Public Safety, MPC at 512-424-5074, Case # M1308005 .


  1. Brandon leaves his home

    After a fight with his live-in girlfriend, Ladessa Lofton, Brandon decides to leave for the night and go to his dad's house, which is around a 2-hour drive away.

  2. He calls his brother for help with gas

    Brandon's truck ran out of gas outside of Bronte, Texas. He called his brother, Kyle, to ask him to bring him some. This leads to Kyle retrieving a gas can from Brandon and Ladessa's home.

  3. Brandon calls 911

    There is a recording of this call, but there are issues. The call quality is bad, the recording is bad, Brandon has a strong accent, and it took months to receive it from the police. There are countless interpretations to what was said on the call and debates on if it was edited.

  4. A truck driver calls 911

    A professional truck driver called 911 to report a vehicle that was a hazard. A truck (which was Brandon's) was parked, with the tail over the line and in the lane. This is the call that the local police responded to, not Brandon's call.

  5. Brandon's brother arrives at his truck

    Kyle gets to the truck. Brandon is not there and neither is his cellphone or the truck keys, but a local deputy arrived at about the same time.

  6. After 1 a.m. Brandon calls Kyle's girlfriend

    She says he was incoherent, but she understood that he was "10 minutes up the road" and that he "is bleeding".

  7. Brandon's phone starts going directly to voicemail

    Kyle repeatedly called as they were looking for him. Around 3:30 a.m., it stopped ringing and started going directly to voicemail.

Places of Interest


Location of Brandon's truck

This is where Kyle and the local deputy found Brandon's truck and where the searches began.


San Angelo, where Brandon lived

He lived with his girlfriend and kids in San Angelo and was heading to his father's house in Crowley.


The area Brandon would have driven to

Depending on traffic, this is a 3-4 hour drive from San Angelo, where Brandon was leaving just before midnight.


Stripes Convenient Mart

Kyle eventually got gas here and brought it back to Brandon's truck.


Brandon Lawson 911 Call, Edited In Audacity

Brandon's call to 911 is an important part of the case and there has been many attempts to transcribe it, with varying results. This video has an edited version of the call, along with the words they believe he is saying.


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